Stanford CS330 (2019 ver.)을 듣고 정리한 자료입니다.

Stanford CS330: Multi-task and Meta-learning

CS 330 Deep Multi-Task and Meta Learning

[CS330] Lecture 1: Introduction & Overview

[CS330] Lecture 2: Multi-task & Meta-learning Basics

[CS330] Lecture 3: Optimization-based Meta-learning

[CS330] Lecture 4: Non-parametric(metric-based) Meta-learners

[CS330] Lecture 5: Bayesian Meta-learning

[CS330] Lecture 6: Reinforcement Learning Primer

[CS330] Lecture 7: POMDP, PEARL (guest lecture)

[CS330] Lecture 8: Model-based Reinforcement Learning

[CS330] Lecture 9: Lifelong Learning